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Additional Features:

How do I establish pointed domains? Pointed domains are useful if you want access to a website by more than one domain name. Simply contact us, and provide the domain name you want pointed and we can do this for you, or you can do this yourself in your web hosting control panel by clicking on the 'Parked Domains' icon.

How do I establish sub-domains? This is done through your web hosting control panel. Sub domains are useful for adding sub-sites that are different to the main site, e.g.

Can I upgrade my account or add more features?

You can purchase new or expanded features, or upgrade to a new web hosting plan at anytime. There is no fee for upgrading. Simply email us.
Website Additions: Additional 20 MB Disk Space NZD $ 1.00/mth.

SSL Certificates: With increased fraud on the internet many customers will not purchase items unless the site is secure, (https://) Do you need a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for your website? You can purchase a secure cert from us, which we will install on the web server for you for free. The RapidSSL costs $59 per year. Requirements: Your web hosting account will need to be put onto a unique IP (this we do at no extra charge). The admin contacts at the Whois registry where your domain name is registered must be set to your information, (if we registered the domain name for you this will already have been done). You will need to approve the certificate in the email the registry will send you. We can then install it. To order a RapidSSL please email support (or use the contact form on our website).