Islands NZ Website Hosting FAQ's and Website Hosting Information
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Uploading Files:

How do I FTP my web site onto the server? Your domain name is your host address. If your domain has not yet been changed to the new name servers, you can use the web server IP address as host address (sent to you on completion of the order)
What is my Host Directory? The host directory is: public_html What is a User ID, or FTP User Name? These are other names for your login, or username.
Where should I put my files? The files go in the public_html directory.  (the homepage has to be called index.html or index.php all lowercase.)
Can I change my login or password? You can change your password, but not your login. A new password can be generated in your control panel.

How do I upload using my web hosting control panel? Go into your web hosting control panel: http://yourdomainname/cpanel (replace 'yourdomainname' with your actual domain name). Go to the 'File Manager' icon, click on the folder icon next to public_html then the 'Upload Files' link at the top. All files you want viewable on the internet must be placed in the public_html folder, and the home page has to be named index.htm or index.html

Dont have an FTP client? There are many free ftp clients on the internet, but a good one is Filezilla, easy to use and free to download from a Google search.
Once installed on your PC open the program.
use the 'quick connect' fields at the top. the host will be your domain name, your hosting username and password, and port: 21
double click the public_html folder icon in the box on the right.
select all the files to be uploaded in the box on the left, right click and upload.