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FTP information:
Sometimes, when you upload a page and view it afterwards, your computer will only allow you to see the old page due to what is called 'caching' (or storage) of previously viewed pages. You can 'trick' your computer by changing the address you type into the browser the second time, i.e. your main page can be either:

The two most popular FTP programs are:
Webhosting for kiwis1. Cute FTP. Marketed by GlobalSCAPE Inc. you can download a free 30-day trial. You'll have to pay $39.95 after the trial period if you want to retain all the features of CuteFTP however the basic functions will continue to operate for you.
Webhosting for kiwis2. WS_FTP is also a very popular program. The Lite version is available for free download at:


contact form

<!-- please read the comments as they will help you setup this to work, for more information please visit  -->

<form ACTION="" METHOD="post">
<!-- you need to replace the above "" with your domain name -->
<div align="center">
    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" width="70%">
            <td><input TYPE="TEXT" NAME="FieldOne" size="20"></td>
            <td><input TYPE="TEXT" NAME="FieldTwo" size="20"></td>
            <td>Your Email:</td>
            <td><input TYPE="TEXT" NAME="Email" size="20"></td>
            <td>Select Option:</td>
            <select NAME="SelectOption">
                <option SELECTED>Please Choose</option>
                <option VALUE></option>
                <option VALUE="item1">item1</option>
                <option VALUE="item2">item2</option>
                <option VALUE="item3">item3</option>
                <option VALUE="item4">item4</option>
                <option VALUE="item5">item5</option>
                <option VALUE="item6">item6</option>
            <td>Field 4:</td>
            <td><textarea ROWS="6" NAME="FieldFour" cols="20"></textarea></td>
            <td>Select Y/N:</td>
            <td>Yes: <input TYPE="radio" CHECKED NAME="SelectY/N" VALUE="Yes">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;No:<input TYPE="radio" NAME="SelectY/N" VALUE="No"></td>
            <td><textarea ROWS="6" NAME="FieldFive" cols="20"></textarea></td>
            <td>Field 6:</td>
            <td><input TYPE="TEXT" NAME="FieldSix" size="20"></td>
            <input TYPE="hidden" NAME="subject" VALUE="Your Subject">
            <!-- change Your Subject with the subject you wish your email to have-->
            <input TYPE="hidden" NAME="recipient" VALUE=" ">
            <!-- change to the email address to send the mail to -->
            <input TYPE="hidden" NAME="redirect" VALUE="">
            <!-- this is the page to be seen after they have submitted the form -->
            <input TYPE="hidden" NAME="env_report" VALUE="REMOTE_HOST,HTTP_USER_AGENT,REMOTE_ADDR">
            <!-- will show details about the person submitting the form including there IP-->

            <input type="hidden" NAME="email" VALUE="">
            <!-- this is the email address the email will come from,  you can set this as a input box as above so the user can put there own in -->
            <td><br><input TYPE="submit" ></td>


Creating a spam-free site
Ever wondered how you end up getting spam through email addresses on your site?
It's not as yet a major problem, but it does happen...
Sometimes spider-harvesters (robots) find email addresses in html code. Using a form on your site allows you to change the email address periodically, i.e. this month it could be sent to: which using a forwarder established in your control panel, can then be sent to your usual email address.

By setting up the default email address to a non-existent address, any mail sent to an address where a forwarder had been changed, wouldn't reach you.

i.e. If someone sent an email to say, and you'd since deleted that forwarder and established then the email would be sent to the address established in the control panel email default setting. (You could set this to any unused address, i.e.


URL forwarding
There are 3 different ways of doing this:
Webhosting for kiwis1. URL forwarding. Can be done through your domain name control panel at most registrars, or your hosting name servers. The forwarded address is displayed in your browsers address panel.

Webhosting for kiwis2. Framing. Leaves the original name (alias) in your browsers address panel. Not too wonderful cause if you submit this address to search engines, their spiders won't get to your sites content.

Webhosting for kiwis3. CNAME (Alias) forwarding. Very few domain name registrars can provide this. For global domains try and UK domains CNAME forwarding allows the new URL to be displayed in the browsers address panel, and duplicates file names too. Search engine spiders can access the site content. Problems will be encounted if you're intending using forms on your web pages.
a. For setup at Registerfly, refer to their instructions. Must point to an IP address. Following entries ensure both with and without www. prefix.

www CNAME (Alias)
@ ADDRESS your IP address

b. (Note: the entry for on the first line, must end with a period).
c. For setup at you may add upto 10 sub domains, however all including index must point to an IP address.